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With a focus on intelligent, user-friendly design, Wovn Energy is simplifying the lives of the people who buy, sell, install and manage solar electric systems.  We have developed the Hi-Yield Solar Initiative to highlight the importance of making more power with less materials.  Our elite solar installers and their customers are using this initiative to build a more sustainable solar network.  Read more about the 4 phases of the initiative below. 

The Hi-Yield Solar Initiative (HYSI)

Panels face the sun.
Downtime is minimal.
Solar can stand alone.
Solar can power the world.




Solar Panels face the best direction.  Always.

There is no such thing as a perfectly optimized fixed solar panel system.  Perfection is in the eye of the beholder.  The local utility would consider a fixed frame system that makes the most electricity during times of peak demand to be perfectly optimized.  A net metered utility customer would consider a fixed frame system that makes the most electricity annually to be perfectly optimized.  The fact is that the perfect position changes annually, seasonally and even daily based on weather conditions, human behavior, other fuel supply, and grid conditions.  A Hi-Yield Solar system should have the ability to do a cost-benefit analysis and orient the panels in the direction that delivers the highest economic yield to the system owner, the utility, and other utility customers. 

Downtime is minimal, eventually eliminated.

Like cloud servers, Hi-Yield Solar systems should not have downtime and if they do, their job should be delegated to another piece of hardware in order to make up for their shortcomings.   Even if components fail, onboard diagnostics and troubleshooting should minimize downtime.  Ideally, a Hi-Yield Solar system fails gracefully and continues maximizing its output while it solves the problem or calls for help.  Manual input is a final measure for solving any problem.

Solar can stand alone as a primary energy source.

Hi-Yield solar systems should be equipped with or connected to a management system and storage network that allows them to act like a utility scale power plant even if the system is just a small array.  This includes power forecasting, voltage and frequency correction, demand response, and islanding.  Finally, Hi-Yield Solar systems should have the ability to automate financial transactions with other energy systems and utilities, similar to the way Google has automated transactions in online advertising.  This concept, called Internodal Bidding, gives an individual system owner the ability to participate in the energy market by controlling their own parameters and letting the network take care of the rest.  

Solar energy can power the world.  Reliably and Responsibly.

Amazon has given the individual the power to be their own publishing company.  Google has given the individual the power to be their own advertising agency.  Twitter has given the individual the ability to have their voice heard around the world.  In all scenarios, a software platform built on a distributed hardware network gave people the ability to contribute and control their own content while participating as equals in industries that were once controlled by a handful of companies.  The Hi-Yield Solar Initiative is a call to action for the companies that will do the same for the industry on which most industries are built.  Energy.  


Product Features

Do More with Less.

Wovn Energy high yield systems do not require specialized tools or heavy equipment for installation.

Press Play. Walk Away.

Systems automatically connect to Wovn’s network.

A Mind of its Own!

The entire network learns on its own how to be more reliable and of course… make more power!

Network Setup
Specialized Labor
Percent Higher Yield

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