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With a focus on intelligent, user-friendly design, Wovn Energy is simplifying the lives of the people who buy, sell, install and manage solar electric systems.  We have developed the Hi-Yield Solar Initiative to highlight the importance of making more power with less materials.  We have developed the SolarTrackr to make the Hi-Yield Solar Initiative a reality.  Our elite solar installers and their customers are using this initiative and the SolarTrackr to build a more sustainable solar network. To find your local dealer, send a message at the bottom of the page.  

The Hi-Yield Solar Initiative (HYSI)

Panels face the sun.
Downtime is minimal.
Solar can stand alone.
Solar can power the world.



Artisan-withtagWashington State Partner

As the Puget Sound’s premier renewable energy provider, Artisan Electric is proud to set industry standards for quality, design, and customer service.  Whether optimizing current systems to run more efficient or converting general electric to solar power, Artisan Electric is committed to providing intelligent energy solutions for the way you live.  We are excited to work with residential and commercial customers to help shape Washington’s clean energy future.  Call for quote:  206.430.3311


Internet Connected

The SolarTrackr runs on Wovn’s Internet of Solar platform.

Ability to Learn

The SolarTrackr is constantly learning how to convert more sunshine into usable electricity.

Always Up to Date

No one likes to buy something and then see the new model come out with better features.  We’ve got you covered.  Wovn products can download new apps from the cloud. 

Available in Seattle!

Learn more about where you can buy the SolarTrackr in Seattle by clicking here

Available in San Diego!

Learn more about where you can buy the SolarTrackr in San Diego by clicking here


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Do More with Less.

Wovn Energy high yield systems do not require specialized tools or heavy equipment for installation.

Press Play. Walk Away.

Systems automatically connect to Wovn’s network.

A Mind of its Own!

The entire network learns on its own how to be more reliable and of course… make more power!

Network Setup
Specialized Labor
Percent Higher Yield


Yes, if you have a flat commercial rooftop. No, if you have a small flat roof or a pitched roof.
Send us a message and we will direct you to your local Wovn Energy authorized dealer.
Send us a message with your website and a little about your company.  We will call you back!
The Internet of Solar platform allows all of the systems on our network to work together to get the most power out of every solar panel.
If it were sunny every day, the panels should face the sun.  However, sometimes it’s cloudy or rainy, sometimes it’s windy and sometimes your solar panels need a bath.  We don’t know when that will be, so the SolarTrackr learns that on its own and figures out how to make the most power during those situations.
That’s sort of a personal question… we hardly know you!  Send us a message below and we can let you know more about the SolarTrackr and/or Wovn Energy.

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